A Working Gallery

A new adventure.

heARtstudio is a new venture of three artists, located in the Design and Dine District of Hubbard Woods, Winnetka.

The studio is a wonderful space for painting, and a way to share our creative visions.

the artists

Nancy Iida (ee-dah)

I am a former Art and Architecture major who picked my art back up after my sons Epilepsy diagnosis.

Painting and sculpture are a wonderful source of stress relief for me living with the unknowingness of when seizures might return. I am inspired by the beauty of colors and textures that surround us in this world. I love the challenge of bringing and object or scene to view in a different light.

1 in 26 people will develop seizures in their lifetime.

I paint to raise awareness and funds for Epilepsy research and support programs. I am available for commissions on any scale and all of my work is 100% tax deductible.

Lisa Byrne

I am a graphic designer by trade and started painting five years ago. I paint mostly with oil and flashe. My subject often reflects my Michigan upbringing; the people, land, and water. I am struck by simple moments in life, where people are enjoying the earth and each other. I want to capture them in an abstract, expressive way. I walk the line of trying to give just enough information.

My passion for painting has led me to this collaborative studio opportunity, and many impactful workshops.

Contemporary artists that I admire are, Stephen Dinsmore, Mitchell Johnson, and Jennifer Pochinski.

Donna Corazza Williams

I work primarily in oils, sometimes in gouache, and sneak in an occasional mosaic. My subject is most often landscapes and, as a New Jersey native, I find the ocean and water to be my favorite muse.

heARTstudio is an opportunity to experiment with an open studio, collaborate with Lisa and Nancy, and paint A LOT more often. Watch my easel and wall for a looser style, and plein air pieces.

My favorite Masters are Mary Cassat, and Vuillard.

David Sharpe, Richard Claremont, and Stuart Shils are a few contemporary artists I admire.